naturopathic treatment ...

An initial consultation lasts up to two hours in which time a thorough case history is taken.  Emotional and physical symptoms, as well as, inherited disposition, lifestyle, diet and medical history are all considered when establishing the cause of illness and deficiencies.

This diagnostic process discovers the specific needs of an individual and the treatment programme will be tailored accordingly.

The programme will be designed in consultation with you, so that we are able to come up with a realistic and achievable treatment plan. This will include manageable dietary changes, natural treatments (often including liver, skin and colon detoxification), and personalised vitamin and mineral supplementation.

I advise at least two subsequent consultations. These will be used to monitor your progress and, if necessary, adjust the programme so that the highest benefit can be achieved and healthy habits established.

In addition, I offer day workshops on fertility, pregnancy preparation and children's nutrition.

" What is good for nature is good for humanity, what is good for one is good for all, what is good for the mind is good for the body. To harm a part is to harm the whole. What is bad for the heart is bad for the body, what damages one person damages all people, what injures the earth injures me. Conversely, to restore and preserve the good health of one body and mind is to foster the well-being of the whole, the earth and all life upon it."

H Beinfield, Between heaven and Earth